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My favorite PHP Projects

Below are the list of my clients and websites that I have worked on as php programmer. I hope that your requirements and my skill-set are suited for each other. I am sure that I would be a valuable asset to your project.
Globalist provides alternative marketing channels. Personal contribution: To designed and developed web-based file storage system with per-user permissions. The web Explorer-like interface provide ability for file upload/download, folder creation, file and folder renaming, copying and deletion.
To provide individualized web prototype with samples of shopping cart designed for people with disability. I was provided with a set of XML code that can be used to generate multiple parallel web interfaces from the same data. I developed four XSL templates to display the data in different ways (the sketches was developed by Edapta).
TPersonal contribution: Supporting of the existing EStore. Fixing problems with cookies and sessions, adding enhanced functionality to the administrative interface, creating cron jobs for auto mailing.
Complete implementation of online service which allows clients to create and edit custom HTML forms and send form contents by email, for voting, feedback and other purposes. The forms can be hosted at the server and be accessed remotely, or client can generate HTML code to embed the form to his own website pages. Form editor supports several form templates; client can upload and use own Cascade Style Sheets, backgroung images, choose colors and much more. Full set of controls is supported.
There's bad code and good code, I write great code. If you are looking for high quality code at an affordable price, then consider my consulting services. It's preferable to me that every web site I had developed and designed from the beginning, to have "Designed By www.eBoris.com" brand on it's index page.
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